Re: [stella] And now, for my next trick...

Subject: Re: [stella] And now, for my next trick...
From: Russ Perry Jr <slapdash@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001 00:52:51 -0600
At 11:12 PM +1100 3/8/01, Andrew Davie wrote:
>a) The Core.  Rembember 'The Core'?  A guy called Paul Oswood - about two,
>three, years ago... pulled a major scam with his game 'The Core'.   See
>  Took a lot of money from
>prospective buyers, then just disappeared.

The damn thing is, I'm still not convinced it was intentionally a scam.
Has anyone been able to prove that screen shot isn't real?  Seems like
a very strange, elaborate scheme for what probably wasn't THAT much
money.  And why would he bother accepting carts as part of the payment?

Regardless, has anyone found any more info on this guy?  I'm trying a
couple more ideas for leads...

>b) Life on Mars.   An implementation of John Conway's life (in at least a
>32x32 - or possibly up to 40 x 64 - grid).

Hopefully someday Video Life will be available as a ROM, but until then
I don't mind this idea.  But I'd say maybe go with EnCore, since The Core
is still vapor, and Video Life, though not extant, is at least confirmed.
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