[stella] new VCS2600-programming tool in works

Subject: [stella] new VCS2600-programming tool in works
From: "Stefan Burger" <stefan.burger@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001 17:32:25 +0100
I'm currently working on a kind of "spare-time-project" which hopefully will end up once in a new VCS 2600 programming tool.
It's about a combination of emulation, dissassembler and debugger for the VCS 2600, where all features are merged together in one application.
The attached PDF-document contains a screenshot of the running app and some further application-details (I hope that the attachment is not blocked by biglist.com, because of its size).
I'm looking forward to hear, if there are any developers out there who may be interested in such an application.
Therefore constructive comments are welcome (well, developing a VCS 2600 emulation from scratch means some frustration, some encouragement would be great).

Attachment: 2600project.PDF
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