Re: [stella] new VCS2600-programming tool in works

Subject: Re: [stella] new VCS2600-programming tool in works
From: "John Saeger" <john@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 19:55:40 -0800
Yeah, I know.  What ever happend to Brad?  Long time no new emu...  ;-)  Oh
well, maybe that's one of the reasons I like to encourage newcomers, like
Stefan.  He's already got at least one game running, which is a tremendous
achievement.  I've seen lots of people start and not even get this far.
Maybe Stefan is the one who will show us all how its done.  You never know.
None of the existing emulators are perfect, there is plenty of room for
improvement.  And I think fresh starts and new thinking are needed and
positively exciting.  So where can I download a copy of this new emulator?


Glenn Saunders wrote:

> Stella is the best 2600 emulator with a C/C++ foundation, I
> think.  However, it's clearly got some missing features due to Brad not
> having worked on it actively in about 2 years (for instance, illegal
> support, or DPC chip).
> I would contact Brad about expanding on that.  Stella X is the Win32 port
> and it uses DirectX, so that would be the version to expand upon.
> We also have a version Brad did that is very much like StellaX, but it
> as an ActiveX control, hence it is embeddable.  This was going to be a
> commercial product but since there were no takers I ended the exclusivity
> contract with Brad so he may want to make that code available as well.
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