Re: [stella] Gas gauge demo

Subject: Re: [stella] Gas gauge demo
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 10:01:21 +0100
Hi Joe!

> The background is drawn in the above fashion, starting red at the beginning
> of the scanline and changing to black X cycles later. The playfield
> graphics are used for the actual gauge, which when full will cover over all
> the red (and a bit more, which looks sloppy to me, but we can hopefully fix
> that later - check the binary to see what I mean).

I'm a bit puzzled that it _not_ matches with 12 positions, as 12*8
pixels should be perfectly dividable by 3, wich would is the minimum
possible step to shift a background color change. (1 cycle <-> 3

It should be possible to match it to either 10 or 11 positions though. 

> PF graphics obviously don't give the best resolution, but I'm using PF0 and
> PF1 for a 12-pixel wide gauge, which should be good enough.

I think it's good, it looks smooth enough as it is now.
> As a side note, I would have liked to been able to horizontally position
> the gauge more towards the right of the screen, but my timing would get all
> wacky and I couldn't seem to change back to the normal BG color in time. If
> anyone wants to attempt it, feel free :)

Would you like to have a centered position, or aligned to the right? The
later should be as easy as the current solution.

Unfortunately I'd assume that it'd be impossible to match it exactly to
PF1, since this'd be 8*8 pixels which cannot be divided by 3. 

Maybe you could match it only on the end and start a bit earlier with
the BG color change, like this:

<---Pf0---> <---PF1---> <---PF--->
          X            X           <-- color changes
            -----------            <--- gauge display

Now it'd be impossible to have a totally empty gauge, but you can *fill*
it to the max


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