[stella] Qb, 2600, PC, adios

Subject: [stella] Qb, 2600, PC, adios
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 02:08:30 +1100
I have just posted the PhillyClassic binary to Randy (who will be producing
25 carts for the PhillyClassic show, on my behalf) - so, I guess that is the
end of Qb.  I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone on the list
who has shown an interest, and especially to those who have spent time
playtesting, debugging, and suggesting improvements.  Without a doubt it is
a far better game having been through that process.  Attached is the
PhillyClassic version - this will NOT run on a supercharger, sorry... and
there's no STELLA or PAL version either, for obvious reasons.
This version has a few bug-fixes from the last one I posted - and a few
little changes here and there.  I finally tracked down that line-jump-glitch
at the bottom of the board.  It was quite tricky and not really to do with
page boundaries - or not quite as I expected.  Due to the odd nature of the
sprite draw (where you point to before the sprite, based on its y position),
it was practically impossible for me to understand exactly when page
boundaries were being crossed and when they weren't.  More to the point, it
kept changing as I changed code.  So in the end I managed to save a cycle or
two at that bottom section so it no longer really matters if there's an
extra cycle being lost there.  It seems to work OK.
Now, the sad news...
I've decided to abandon the 2600 for the while.  The new Nintendo Gameboy
Advance has caught my eye, and I'm now pretty much setup with a development
environment to let me play with that machine.  I won't bore you with the
details - but I really need to put some food on the table, so am hoping to
find someone who needs a good programmer (me, dolts!) who for that platform.
If you know someone, please mention me :)
Anyway, I'll still be a lurker on this list - and help others where I can.
Once again, thanks for all the help - finally, complete... and finally a
'finally' without quotes around it!
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