[stella] Recent thoughts...

Subject: [stella] Recent thoughts...
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 22:08:55 +0200
Glenn Saunders schrieb:

> I just think that being a hard drive head is not as exciting as being a
> cowboy or a weird gobbling creature.

This reminds me somehow of one cool idea I recently had, maybe it'll
inspire someone for some game. It's really, really, really amazing, so I
wonder why never anyone made a game out of this...

The story is: Three weeks ago my beloved girlfriend presented me a
certain plant as a gift, the one I was talking about to her all the
time, when we came to the 'buying plants for the new home' topic. It's
the coolest plant on earth, so why did absolutely no game ever deal with
it?!? I'm talking about:


Ha! What cool games could be made out of this! Think about it!

...one moment please, I've to check if it already catched its first
fly... :-)

Uhm... before I forget this: Glenn: I'm sure that Joe will think about
some proper gameplay for his game. And I think it might be cool to play
a drivehead. Maybe you remember the C64 cult game 'Gerry The Germ'?
There you play in the inner parts of a human body, being a germ that
tries to disturb the workings of the heart, liver, brain & other more or
less useful bodyparts. I see in Joe's approach a similar opportunity of
making a fun game out of normally boring stuff.


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