[stella] New project - Need help

Subject: [stella] New project - Need help
From: "Maximiliam Luppe" <maxluppe@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 17:34:14 -0300
Hi, my name is Maximiliam and I'm new in Atari programming. I worked with
8085/z80/8086 assembly language and ZX Spectrum programming. Now I'm planing
to work with my old 2600 and I need some help, just for start-up.

I want to trace a horizontal line that changes its vertical position when I
move joystick up or down and changes its horizontal velocity when I move
joystick left or right.


I'd like to know if it should be possible. Any sugestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Maximiliam Luppe

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