[stella] SCSIcide 0.04

Subject: [stella] SCSIcide 0.04
From: Joe Grand <jgrand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 00:24:06 -0500
Hi everyone-

Another small update (hope I'm not boring anyone with these!)

1) Added the data latency buffer (aka gas gauge) in lower-left
2) Added a "byte counter" to the lower-right - has color variation which matches score (read below for why)

The game play is starting to formulate as follows:

o Need to read correct color data blocks in order to advance level
- The correct color is represented by the color of the score (and the color of the "byte counter")
- The byte counter will increment for each data bit read (has 8 "bits" each of 2 PF pixels wide)
- When 8 bits (1 byte :) have been read (the byte counter will reach the right-side of the screen), the level will increase. I figure having the counter approach the edge of the screen is useful, because the player can easily gauge how many more bits they need to read before moving on.
- There will be data bits that are other colors (we'll call them "bad blocks"). If you read a bad block, something bad will happen (not sure what yet - maybe extra decrease in latency buffer or something like that)

o Bit size becomes smaller (fragmented) and faster as level increases
- For fun, maybe there will be a bonus "defragment" data block that will bring the smaller blocks back to their original size (useful for the harder levels). The speed would remain the same.

o Data latency buffer decreases when colored data block missed
- When the latency buffer is gone, the game is over. This is currently the only planned way to end the game.

You can consider this a "disk defragmenter" sort of game... Since you're essentially defragging the data bits of a particular color.. Pretty geeky.. Hehe..

For this current demo, moving the drivehead up will increase the data latency buffer and change the data bit color (the score will change color). Moving the drivehead down will decrease the data latency buffer and increase the byte counter.. There is no real logic to this, I just wanted to get everything working at one time..

So attached is the binary and source. Also attached is a current screen shot in .GIF format to help you visualize what I'm talking about (don't know if these are useful to anyone or not - if not, let me know! :)



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