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Subject: [stella] Adventure Project
From: Stirling Newberry <stnewberry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 23:50:05 -0400
Forgive me if this has been gone over before, I did some 6502 programming ages ago for modems and the Apple computer - gasp - when I was in high school. As a spare time hobby I have started to work on expanding the classic "Adventure" maze and would like to query on what documentation is available so that I don't reinvent the wheel.

1. Does anyone have a bit map of the maze done? Does anyone have the CRC documented so that the annoying black bar at the bottom can be exorcized?

2. Does anyone know if there is a documented copy of the source code?

3. Has anyone previously worked on new mazes?

Currently, since this is strictly a spare time project, and there is *no* assurance that anything will come of it I am working on the following:

1. The base of the "straight shot" to the black castle now enters down to the area right of the large area near the gold castle.

2. The area right is now not accessible from the gold castle. I'm trying to figure out a sneaky parity way to make it so that the easter egg is still accessible, even though the room is not.

This means to get to the white castle from the gold castle one must go through the blue maze. It also means that one can use the bridge to go from the room below the gold castle, to the attic of the gold castle, back up again appearing in the blue maze, and then down again to the gold area and to the catacombs.

3. I've added a pit to the room below the white castle, one can go freely to the attic. This creates another "trap door" effect, but not as useful as the gold castle dodge listed above.

4. I've added the same pit to the black castle.

5. I've added two trap doors in the first black castle room, which dump you into the black castle catacombs, but are one way.

- - -

My current plan:

1. Finish this first pass of the maze. Figure out the CRC so that it looks as good as the original. Add more complications in the "empty" rooms - specifically the rooms on the other side of the catacombs, the room below the white castle, the room left of the gold castle. Change the white castle's maze so that its trap door (at the bottom of the inaccessible area) enters into another inaccessible area - making it possible that one will need to use the "hidden bridge" technique.

Document what I've found out about making mazes so that other people can do this as well.

2. Begin changing the rooms. Add another room that is behind the other "dotable" wall (rooms to the right of the catacombs).

3. Alter the randomiser to but objects in more places, including in the new easter egg room. Which will be a "wizards castle" - we have a wizard, we should have his tower.

4. Gut the old level 1 and 2 games, and use the space for more stuff.

5. Add a new object or two. If I can add a few rooms in the wizard's castle, then a new key is in order.

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