Re: [stella] Indenture is a good starting place

Subject: Re: [stella] Indenture is a good starting place
From: Stirling Newberry <stnewberry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 14:38:44 +0100
 Indenture, though on a different system, definitely has the market
cornered on Adventure expansion in my book.

Ruffin Bailey

While indenture is a fine dos port of adventure with some add ons, the point here was to stay within the realm of the Atari and to explore a bit deeper some of the aspects of the game.

In otherwords, work within the resources that the original Atari has. Same number of screens, same number of rooms, same basic coding structure.

If I wanted to do something for a newer machine - there's a Mac with OS X sitting right here, and plenty of real games that could be written for it.

Some ideas that have cropped up:

- Each room description has a offset for which screen is going to be read, thus more "screens" can be generated if one simply uses offsets which start "in the middle" of another room. Hence rooms can be coded to work in more than one way.

I've made a few other mods to the current data block I'm working on - turning the reflected room into a forest maze and adding more complications in the rooms on the right of the catacombs. Also turning two of the blue maze rooms into catacombs rooms as well.

Anyone interested in the data block, I can email it. I can also email a bin file which works with Stella.

- The gate animation is very flexible, it is essentially a collision detect wall, and could be used in other ways than merely the doorway it is now. For example, a gate could be used to block part of a maze, and made to disappeare completely when opened (set the map at the end of the animation to zero). It can be much larger than the gates you see, and each individual gate can be altered. This, again, without expanding the code base by a single byte.

- Reseting Goldilocks to be faster than Mr Green Jeans, though still slower than Red Riding Hood. Different speed dragons are more of a challenge, since one can't easily dodge separately timed bytes.

Stirling Newberry

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