RE: [stella] Super Fast Scrolling

Subject: RE: [stella] Super Fast Scrolling
From: "Tempest" <reicher6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 23:49:13 -0400
Yeah I realized that this was a stupid question the second I sent it (should
have consulted the manual first).  What I really wanted to know is if the
scrolling effect would look all jerky if you went too fast.  I've seen some
nice scrolling effects like River Raid and then I've seen some crappy ones
where it's all choppy (like Super Cobra).  I was hoping to avoid the latter.
Choppy scrolling isn't a matter of speed then is it?  Is it how often you
update the PF registers?


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>How fast can the 2600 scroll playfield graphics?  I was thinking about
>trying to do a Caverns of Mars type demo before I move onto my Major Havoc
>game, but as I remember the game is only fun when you played it at the
>fastest speed (a.k.a way too fast!).  I'm wondering if the 2600 could move
>that fast.

The 2600 redraws the entire screen every frame, and is not beholden to a
background tile buffer (like the NES), so it can scroll at any speed you
like.  Horizontal scrolling must be in increments of 4 pixels for
playfield, but vertical can be any speed at single scanline resolution.

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