[stella] Qb - report on PhillyClassic 2001 release

Subject: [stella] Qb - report on PhillyClassic 2001 release
From: "Andrew Davie" <adavie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 21:44:42 +1000
A short follow-up on Qb, my game.

Qb was released to the public, in cartridge form, at the 2001 PhillyClassic
show on April 20-21 2001.  50 individually numbered Qb cartridges were
produced for the PhillyClassic show.  Cartridges were made by Randy of Hozer
Video - he did a fine job.  I did the manuals and labels myself, and posted
them to Jeff Folejewski - one of the show organisers.  Jeff had offered to
handle the sales and display for me - and once again, he did a fine job.

The only hiccup was that the labels hadn't arrived two days before the
show - but fortunately they arrived at just about the very last possible
minute :)   So, after a few frantic hours pasting on labels (among the many
tasks he had to do), Jeff had the carts ready in time.

The cart + manual were sold for US$26.00 each, and exactly 50 (the full
production run) were sold.   The last one sold 5 minutes before the end of
ths show.  The show prototype (cartridge #1) was auctioned off.  It had a
special label, so looked kind of neat.  Anyway, Jeff was super-keen to have
this item for his collection, and won the bidding at US$125.

So, PhillyClassic Qb has made its debut, and will never again be available
as a cartridge.  I've done OK with the profits (though cart production was
somewhat expensive).  Now I can lay claim to having taken a product
completely from concept through to marketing.  And what fun it was :)  Once
again, many thanks to the people on the list who helped.  And yes, some of
you actually made the credits!

Anyone on the list grab themselves a copy - and if so, what #?

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