Aw: Re: [stella] Dungeons

Subject: Aw: Re: [stella] Dungeons
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 15:13:18 +0200 (CEST)
Hi Rob!

> Now, the Jumpman/Jumpman Jr. thing if I ever have time to do it could be a
> Supercharger thing, or it could be a big bankswitched cartridge.  It would
> be a lot easier to do things with the SC or a cart with some RAM on it, but
> I think it's still possible with just the 128 bytes and it's more of a
> challenge that way. 

The hardest levels would be some like 'Figurit' or 'Mystery Maze', along with all levels that have a changing structure. Practically impossible to do would be only 'Hot Foot', since there the structure elements itself transform and there's no chance to do that with a PF Pixel, which'd be the smallest element of the structure.

I'd probably do only 12 levels like in JJr, but then I'd choose the 12 most doable one's out of both games.


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