Re: [stella] Gunfight 2600: The Final Kernel part 2

Subject: Re: [stella] Gunfight 2600: The Final Kernel part 2
From: Piero Cavina <p.cavina@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 21:38:15 +0200
At 18.11 11/05/01 +0200, Manuel Polik wrote:

All in all I worked some 50+ hours into this version, hope you see some
of the benefits...

Congratulatiosn, it's a quite impressive work. I think that with this kernel you would be able to do a "Breakout" mode :-)

- Shall I do a death sequence every time a cowboy is hit, or would you
rather have a faster gameplay with a death sequence after 10 hits or
something like that?

I would make the hit player fall on his bottom for a couple of seconds.

I'll definitely do a cover of 'Ring Of Fire' by Johnny Cash. I have to.
I love that song... :-)

Nice idea.. and why don't you call the game "Ring of fire"? :-) "Gunfight" is just too obvious..

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