Re: [stella] Money matters...

Subject: Re: [stella] Money matters...
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 09:17:29 +0200
Christopher Rydberg wrote:
> What is a realistic and honest wage for a programmer who has completed a 
> 2600 game on time and on schedule?
> This is an open call to anyone listening.  If you have an opinion, voice it. 
>   If you think 200 is the minimum, say so.  Should it be based on the size 
> of the unassembled code?  The assembled .bin?  A negotiable amount based on 
> the project?  Some combination of all three?  Please let me know.  I am 
> definately listening.  Thanks for any input.

I think there are at least four big problems:
1. most programmers won't give you the whole rights for their product forever, some won't even give you the full source-code
2. developers 2600 games on time is something that's a big problem for hobby-programmer, you never know when you're finished. Ask Andrew, Manuel... 
3. to calculate the realistic wage from the assembler code and/or bin is a nice idea, but i think the code will have very different sizes, because of the different programming (and commenting :) styles. My Thrust code has about 320k, the bin is 16k, for Jammed i needed 100k for 4k. So for me, the factor is somewhere between 20 and 25. Andrew's Qb needed 130k for 4k, so that's a facor of about 32 (he is commenting much better :). Maybe zipping both will remove redundantencies(?), giving better(?) results...
4. it's a hobby, i spended some hundred of hours with Thrust, you can never pay for that

So, the best model i can think about, is to share your real profits with the developer. 
Get the exclusive right for a limited time, and give him royalties based on the amount of cards you can sell during that time. There more sales, the more royalty/card.

Have fun!
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