RE: [stella] My demo...

Subject: RE: [stella] My demo...
From: "Gonzalo" <horcas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 19:37:52 -0300
> INPT4 is correct, but you should check only for bit 7 (just change bne to

bit 7? I didn't knew it, I don't find it in the Stella Guide... have you
confidential information that we don't know? :) Problem solved, thanks
again..... oh yes, it is in page 25... "C. Latched Inputs Ports (I4, I5)"...

> As for the colours, the one you chose for the water is torquise, which
> is somewhere in the middle between green and blue. Chosing the 'real'
> colours for the emulator is quite difficult, since the colours can be
> tuned in the VCS, on the TV, and on the PC monitor. So what you see
> on your TV and on your monitor is pretty much different for everyone else.

yes, I remember when I was 11 or 12 years old I used to play with a pot
inside the 2600 (left side) that changed the colors ... I broke something
because colors were changed permanently and the white color never came back
again :( but I can still play.

I use z26 because its colors are exactly the same colors that I remember
from my old 2600 (not atari, a clone). Since I don't have a Supercharger, I
can't see the colors on a real 2600... I'll trust z26 :)

> For the different VCS colors we could try to do get as many samples as
> possible from different VCS. Just find some common games (like PacMan,
> Space Invaders, Pitfall!, ...) which nearly everybody owns and capture
> some screens which show many well known colours.

Good idea... I can do it with two PAL-N 2600 (well, one is broken as I said

I have a question: If I make a PAL game, it will work on an NTSC system but
with colors changed and faster speed? or just won't work? I have the PELE
game (football, soccer) and I play it on my 2600 with a red background, so I
think it is an NTSC game... in emulators I see the background green
(obviously the right color), what is the problem?

> BTW: Are you (or your mail provider) having problems with your date? Your
mails are dated one month back, which puts them out of the normal order.

oh, sorry... it was my problem, I was living in Abril :)...


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