Re: [stella] SRAM cart for 2600?

Subject: Re: [stella] SRAM cart for 2600?
From: "Maximiliam Luppe" <maxluppe@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 16:09:10 -0300
You are welcome.

To be sincere, I don't know. I ran the program alone (without the base) and
it detected a 2k cart!?

I couldn't build this project, yet. If I found any free time this weekend,
I'll build it.

If you are using Windows, try runing the program in DOS Mode (Shift-F5).
Some times the Windows disable parallel port communication using DOS-based
programs running in windows.


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Assunto: Re: [stella] SRAM cart for 2600?

> Thank you very much for your wonderful schematics... but I think I goofed
> somewhere in the base unit. I can't read or write carts. I tried writing a
> games to the RAM cart, and it just said that all the bytes were bad. I
> tried reading PacMan and Combat, and neither worked in an emulator. It
> thinks that there is a 2k cart in the thing all the time, even when there
> a cart in it. Did I wire a connector backward? Any ideas? Thanks!
> Ian Primus
> ian.primus@xxxxxxx
> Maximiliam Luppe wrote:
> > Hi, every body. I finished the 4KCart schematic for any 8k*8 SRAM (with
> > pins). It can be found at:
> >

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