Re: [stella] SRAM cart for 2600?

Subject: Re: [stella] SRAM cart for 2600?
From: Sark <ian.primus@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 20:52:16 -0500
I finished building the base unit today, except I am guessing that there are
some "common sense" connections I may or may not need to make. I noticed that
none of the Vcc pins or the Ground pins of the four chips were connected to
anything. Should I go ahead and connect the Vcc pins to +5v and the Ground pins
to ground? Or were they intentionally left unconnected? Also, what type of wall
transformer should I use? Will any 9vDC transformer work? I also still need the
values of the unlabeled components, etc. that I mentioned in the previous email.
I really appreciate all of your help. I am sorry if I keep bugging you with my
questions, but I have not had all that much electronic experiance. Sure I can
make cables, adapters, power supplies and little one chip circuits, but this is
by far the most complex project I have ever worked on. I want to make sure it
works the first time... I hate having to go through and double check every
connection, especially because I only have one color of wire...  Once I get it
working, I will be creating a web site documenting the process, and I will clean
up these schematics a little, etc. Thanks!

Ian Primus

Maximiliam Luppe wrote:

> > I went and bought parts, but I didn't know what voltage the battery should
> be.
> > Would a 3.5v lithium computer battery do?
> I don't have the SRAM datasheet, but I think 3.5V should be enough. Good
> luck in your build. ;-)
> Max
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