RE: [stella] SRAM cart for 2600?

Subject: RE: [stella] SRAM cart for 2600?
From: "Gonzalo" <horcas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 03:17:53 -0300
> Once I get it
> working, I will be creating a web site documenting the process, and I will
> up these schematics a little, etc. Thanks!

I'll be waiting for it! I'm trying to build the SRAM cart too, I have the 6
chips (SRAM HM6264LP-70 8K*8 included)... and spent $8.91 for it (dollars)
so I really hope it works...
The SRAM cost $3.9095, it's not too much. My idea was to get a supercharger
but it will cost $100 exactly to me (shipping and stuffs), so the SRAM cart
will be a good deal if it works.
Next step is to make the PCBs (hard to design) and I have the same questions
you have about unlabeled parts.

Good Luck for you!

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