Re: [stella] Infogrames considers Atari 2600 B-Side release!

Subject: Re: [stella] Infogrames considers Atari 2600 B-Side release!
From: "Christopher A. Haslage" <kilokahn@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 20:28:18 -0400
At 07:59 PM 6/7/01 -0400, you wrote:
Welcome, Christopher, and thanks for bringing us good news.  Anything that keeps the Atari 2600 games in the public eye keeps interest up, which is good for us enthusiasts and might also increase support for homebrew projects.

With some ideas that we have, we are hoping to have add-ons for adding game extensions to the cart.  So maybe with licensing, we can allow the best homebrews be part of this.  This is not cut in stone, this is just a maybe.

A lot of good games have been mentioned so far.  I'd like to add a few suggestions of my own...

I'd bet a number of GBA owners would enjoy sitting down for a quick solo card game to pass a short time.  There aren't many card games for the 2600, but I think Activision's Bridge might be good to include.  Board games might also work, so Backgammon, Othello, Video Checkers, and Video Chess could be considered (though all four would probably be overkill).

Who wouldn't like a nice Chess or Checkers game while waiting?  Heck, those are good choices and they are noted and placed with the rest of the suggestions.

I also think including a lot of the later-era Atari games would be good since they weren't as widespread as the earlier ones.  This includes Solaris, Desert Falcon, Jr. Pac-Man (Namco hasn't included it in a Museum, so far as I know), Road Runner, and Secret Quest.

Pac-Man Jr. might fall under the 'heavy hitters' so that is out, but your suggestions are noted.

Including some of the limited-edition games from Atari Age might also attract some people: Crazy Climber, Quadrun, Video Cube, etc.

Video Cube is so 3dish and kewl that I thought about having that one.  You know after all the suggestions are listed, I will have to replay all of these games and make decisions...  All that fun. :>

Outside of Atari's own products, going with well-received but rare arcade adaptations might work well.  Q*bert's Qubes comes to mind, particularly because I don't think any home versions of that came out since the first one.

If it's possible, adding a save battery so you could save a game in progress, like some emulators allow, would be very useful.  This would let you play the longer adventure games, like the Swordquest series, without having to commit a large stretch of time.

People are torn with Swordquest.  Some are for and some are against.  I was reading that Pac-Man and Swordquest were help to the fall of Atari in 83-84.  That would be kinda dismal to have them.

I plan to have Game Saves.  The part of a portable system is having to leave for something, like School...  Especially during a game of Chess.

Here's a fond wish: have somebody complete the 2600 Tempest and put it in the collection.  Having a marquee game like Tempest would attract buyers, particularly because it was never finished.

If someone would like to finish it, I will play it...

How about Combat 2?

Thanks for listening to us!

I have always loved and embraced the Atari community.  My spark for the Atari re-ignited with Qb and I would personally like to thank Andrew Davie for showing me the Atari still rocks and it deserves the best.

I also want to thank you guys, you should applaud yourselves for being there and serving in behalf of the Atari community!  Keep those ideas and suggestions coming.

Later Days,

Christopher A. Haslage
"We Work For You!"

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