Re: [stella] SCSIcide gameplay update

Subject: Re: [stella] SCSIcide gameplay update
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 00:48:25 +0200
Hi Joe!

> Manual, I am about to implement the paddle control, but right now it's

Give me an 'e' :-)

> still joystick :)

Better do the paddle control soon, I'm getting used play it with a
Joystick :-)
> Here are the changes:
> o Random horizontal positioning of data bits (no patterns!)

Thumbs up.
> o Constant data bit speed per level (i asked about this, but wanted to see
> it in real life. is this too dizzying? do people prefer the varying speeds
> - even though that's not possible on a real hard drive? :)

Hm... that's hard to say. The game is dizzying anyway. I doubt that I
could play it for more than 15 minutes without having a longer break for
my eyes. You should definitely attach some epilepsy (sp?) warning :-)
> o If incorrect data read, score decreases (instead of ending the game :)

Yup! That does the trick! Feels way better now!
> o Latency buffer decreases when required data bit is missed or when no bit
> is read

I got the impression that in higher levels it decreases faster? I think
you should keep it constant.
> o Latency buffer refills and you get bonus points after each data bit

It's hard to analyse the Hex-Scores and keep track how much points one
actually got for the current bit. Do you give more points for a faster
collection? I hope so! :-)
> As it gets faster (levels 4-5), my head starts to hurt from trying to watch
> the bits go by so quickly.. Is this currently too hard? I'm not sure a
> blinking data bit will help you identify it at the faster speeds..

As it is now, it's ok without the blinking I suggested. Now you don't
get killed every 3 seconds and it's fine :-)
> Also, please ignore the flicker if you play it on a TV.. I'm pretty sure
> the flicker has to come from calling the RandomByte routine...
> My current high score is 270AC - can you beat it?

Rats! 265B0 was my best so far...


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