Re: [stella] Paddles

Subject: Re: [stella] Paddles
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 09:12:43 -0400
At 09:12 PM 6/7/01 -0400, Ruffin Bailey wrote:
>Forget it.  If you don't have an actual paddle controller, it's a 
>waste.  Unless someone can wire up an adapter, please don't include 
>KABOOM!, Video Olympics, Warlords, Breakout, or what have you.  The people 

For the rest of them I more or less agree, but KABOOM! seems like exactly
the kind of G&W-type game that would go over well with Nintendo gamers even
if they had to tap the D-pad a bunch of times to move the tires :)  

I think you could do Warlords this way too, but I recognize that there are
Warlords purists out there and nothing will make them happy but a real,
full-size Atari paddle.  Luckily, they wouldn't buy GBA versions of Atari
games anyway because being purists, they couldn't stand the idea of the
2600's 200 lines of vertical resolution being compressed down to the GBA's
160.  (Yes, I'm saying I don't think 2600 emulation will work unless you
turn the GBA on its side and put up with vertical squish.)


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