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Subject: Re: [stella] ET
From: Godzilla <kickass@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 12:42:39 -0500
I've always loved E.T. Loved it back then, love it now, beat it several
times and love all the secrets. Amazed how quickly it was programmed
when I found that out. I've always felt that E.T. and Raiders were the
original console RPGs. (I love raiders too.)


At 06/29/2001 6:42:00 AM, you wrote:
>>E.T. is a must.  Oh wait, you want games people DON'T hate.  Heh.  :-)
>  Hey...I liked ET (the crowd goes quite).  It wasn't Defender II or 
>Pitfall, but it was ok if you new what you were tryng to do.  I go back and 
>play it now and feel that what he was trying to do was ahead of it's time.  
>An adventure game where you explore an area and collect things.  Other than 
>Adventure I can't thing of any games of that type on the 2600 and yet now 
>every other game is exactly this style.  Resident Evil, Tomb Raider.  Are 
>these games truly originators of this style or just descendants of Adventure 
>and ET.  I feel it's the latter and further that ET deserves a little more 
>respect.  It reminds me of that Annie movie from forever long ago.  All the 
>kids on the playground trashed it because it was cool to make fun of it, but 
>it  was actually a pretty entertaining movie.  Seems we have ET in the same 
>position.  It's the game that all the kids want to attack because that's 
>what they've always done, but I question whether it really deserves the 
>What do you guys think?
>Christopher Rydberg
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