RE: [stella] ET improvements

Subject: RE: [stella] ET improvements
From: "Kennehan, Richard" <Richard_Kennehan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 16:01:50 -0500
I liked E.T. as well, but there were certain things that could have made it
much better:

- re-map the screen linkings so that you can use a cube as a map.  This
would have been cool, because Atari could have included an origami-like map
in the packaging that you could put together yourself

- don't put pits at the edges of the screen.  Falling into a pit immediately
upon entering the next screen was very annoying

- the humans should have to walk AROUND the pits, just like you do

- zones that opened and closed certain pits.  And if you opened up a pit
underneath a human, he would fall inside!  And put the "call elliot" zone
close to the "open a pit" zone, so you can call Elliot, and when he
approaches, you open a pit underneath him...Aaahhhhh! :)

- different difficulty levels should have different pit placements

- remove the "arrow" zones.  99% of the time, they merely transported you
into an open pit anyway

- fix the bug which causes the humans to get "stuck" at the bottom of the

- be able to go inside Elliot's house

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