[stella] Fwd: tell WIRED NEWS about your homebrew

Subject: [stella] Fwd: tell WIRED NEWS about your homebrew
From: Joe Grand <jgrand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 00:13:30 -0400
Hey guys.. This is an e-mail from a writer for Wired News.. I talked to him today about classic gaming and development and he was keen to talk to other homebrew people.. I told him I'd forward this on to him - anyone interested can contact him directly!


From: "Noah Shachtman" <noahmax@xxxxxxxx>
To: <jgrand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: tell WIRED NEWS about your homebrew
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 19:44:53 -0400


as we discussed, i'm really interested in hearing from members of the stella
list about their homebrew games for my WIRED NEWS (www.wired.com) article on
classic gaming.  could you please forward on to the stella people the
following questions -- and tell 'em i need answers by thursday early
afternoon?  thanks, joe.


what's the name of the game(s) you're developing?  give me a brief
description of the game, and how far along in the development process it is.
when will it be ready, if its not already done?  if the game is completed,
how many copies has it sold?

tell me about yourself -- who old are you, what's your "day job," where you
live.  how did you get interested in classic gaming?  what's the appeal of
classic games to you?   how do you feel about new games?  are there any that
interest you?

Noah Shachtman noahmax@xxxxxxxx 212-505-8415

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