[stella] Argh, the dreaded question

Subject: [stella] Argh, the dreaded question
From: "Henson Sturgill" <henson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 00:16:52 -0700
I finally got into the games industry as a tester, which is
pretty cool for a teen who has worshipped games for most
of his life.  After checking out the games scene for a while
I've got to say I'm pretty impressed by the Programmers.  
While I did a few C++ semesters @ High School, I'm left 
dumbfounded every day at work by what codres manage to 
accomplish.  All of them self taught foreigners who grew up 
writing 6502 demos on their C64s.  As I'm amazed with 
what they do, and feel I have a strong appreciation for games 
new and old alike, I'd like to get into assembly myself.    
The first console I remember having was the Atari 2600, and
those are some good memories.  I saw your mailing list in
the Augest edition of Next Gen, and was wondering if there
are any resources still around for people that want to just
get into assembly for the first time, strangely enough on
the 6502.  How's the book "Microprocessor Technology"?  I'd
appreciate any help or links you can provide me.  Low level
programming seems very cryptic to me, and the documentation
I've seen on the net looks too advanced for me right now.

Hopefully I won't get flamed, a pre-flame "Screw You" for
all of you who are thinking about it ;)
- Henson

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