RE: [stella] Euchre: making a choice

Subject: RE: [stella] Euchre: making a choice
From: "Erik J. Eid" <eeid@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2001 18:26:06 -0400
At 05:33 AM 8/11/93 -0300, Nicolás Olhaberry wrote:
Mmm... I don´t know how to play that game, but just one selection sounds
like too much hassle for the player, like he/she would spend too much time
looking for the right option. Probably one selection would be better to show
what the computer has done, it would be faster and more elegant, I think.

I had some misgivings about making the player take an action from nine options, particularly since the game does so few paddle reads because other parts of the game present only three or five options. It may be better to make the player make two choices - the kind of bid, then the trump suit.

While it would keep the game moving if the computer only has to show one message instead of two, it won't be consistent with the first bidding round. In the first round, the only options are Pass, Call, and Alone. In the second round, these three options are available again, and then the player has to choose a trump suit (unless he or she passed). The human player would know to watch for Pass, Call, or Alone no matter the bidding round.

I'm considering another alternative, which is to just have one message (Pass, Call, or Alone) and then to always show the trump suit during the hand... somewhere. Perhaps between the number of tricks (which hasn't been seen in the demos because actually hand play hasn't been implemented) is a good spot.

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