RE: [stella] River Raid disassembled /CGE

Subject: RE: [stella] River Raid disassembled /CGE
From: "Bob Colbert" <rcolbert1@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 22:07:42 -0500
I have all of the keynotes except the "alternative game distribution" one on
Hi-8.  I previewed the Activision one yesterday, and while the audio was
low, it was acceptable.  I should kick myself for not setting my wireless
microphone on the table, it didn't even cross my mind.  I could probably
pack it up pretty tight and either put it on VCD or my ftp site.  I'll see
what time permits, I'm already in over my head with projects...  BTW, even
though it's on Hi-8 and in SP mode, the video is a little grainy because the
lighting wasn't all that great...


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> 	Homebrew keynote - dominated by Joe Decuir, this was pretty much an
> infomercial for this mailing list.  It presented an introduction how 2600
> games were programmed in the 70's as well as now.  Chad Schell was nice
> enough to demonstrate the Cuttle Cart (do you have yours yet????)  We also
> heard from John Harris, Joe Grand and Brian Prescott.
> <<
> I didn't know Joe was part of the keynote.  Did anyone videotape it this
> year that we can track down??
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