Re: [stella] Re: 2600's TIA & the TV Boy

Subject: Re: [stella] Re: 2600's TIA & the TV Boy
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 01:17:57 -0400
At 09:38 PM 8/20/01 -0700, Glenn Saunders wrote:
>The Sega Game Gear is back from Majesco, and the old Mattel handhelds are 
>back again.

I've wondered about the new GG (thinking maybe I should buy one as a spare,
though most of my games are SMS games for the MG adaptor which apparently
doesn't work on it) and think it could work as a "clueless parent"
alternative to the GBA since it kind of looks the same.

The Mattel games were getting three digits on ebay not so long ago, so that
looks like one of those rare marketing decisions that makes sense.  Of
course sometimes when that happens and a new version appears it turns out
people were just after the original for the rarity.  Still, I suppose I'll
be able to tell how they did by their price and availability at Xmastime. 

The new TV boy clone thing does seem like it would be a natural for those
TV's that come in the back seats of vans now, if it's cheap enough, if
parents don't have access to the $10 pirate NES versions of the same
concept (which is how I assume these got made to begin with) and if you and
your sibs don't have GBA's.  That's a lot of ifs, so we'll see how many of
these I can find at Mr. Seconds next summer.

Then again, you couldn't get away from those $5 LCD dot games that were
like a Microvision without cartridges a couple years ago.  Everyone sold
them, catalogs, Sunday paper inserts, flea markets etc. using the same kind
of marketing pitch ("No need for a video game system with expensive
cartridges, this has X games in one!")  I bought one just for kitsch value,
and it was just about as much fun as Microvision, i.e. 5 minutes worth.  So
I suppose you're right in that if you throw enough product out there it'll
sell.  Then the question is how much they made on it.


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