[stella] Gunfight: AI

Subject: [stella] Gunfight: AI
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 00:04:32 +0200
Hi there!

Just in time for the current Spielberg movie, I created my first AI
baby, too!

When continuing the work after the last Gunfight version I sent to the
list, I found and eliminated another 3(!) very severe bugs in the
collision detection. Now, since no one from the list here ever
complained about these bugs, I said to myself "So - nobody even tried
playing it with a friend".

So, I stopped all other work and read all through the first chapter in
great book of AI, written by Sid "Random" Meier... :-)

Ok, I admit it's currently rather artificial dumbness than anything
else, but it's a start I think - and maybe you enjoy it a bit more than
the previous versions.

Other stuff I did was framing the score, an idea by Glenn, which I liked
more than any shading (I tried some, but all sucked...). Chris wrote:

> I was thinking the same thing.  A corral, a saloon sign, whatever.  I really
> like that idea.  I was thinking 2 separate signs, one for each player.
> Then you could have the ability to shoot the opponent's score board.  When it
> was hit, it would flash, or whatever. 

Nice idea, but it looked crap :-)
Besides, it wouldn't help too much for distinguishing between score and
play area, which was the original intention after all...

> And you could have an easter egg where
> you could shoot the sign and the score would decrease.  Maybe once a game,
> for doing something special.

This made me think about some special easter egg... stay tuned... :-)

As for the western font: I spent some 2-3 hours on it, but finally gave
up. It all looked sooo ugly, believe me. I tried an 8 pixel sized ttf
font for example -> *shiver* <-
And the Atlantis font: Unfortunately it is 8*10 and I need 7*7 and even
though I spent quite some time rescaling it manually, the output was
ugly too. And, after all: The current font isn't looking that bad, is
it? At least all of its numbers fit to each other :-)

Ok, going back to work...

Happy shooting,

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