Re: [stella] the B. Watson's problem...

Subject: Re: [stella] the B. Watson's problem...
From: "John Saeger" <john@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 23:27:57 -0700
I heard from somebody running z26 under XP and they said they got some noise
to come out.  But I wouldn't call it working.  I wish I could scuttle DOS.
I wish it was a commercial program so I could just hire somebody to do the
work.  Oh well.  My turn to whine.  ;-)


Glenn Saunders wrote:

> Windows XP is going to have better DOS compatibility through emulation
> which should (in theory) fix all these problems.
> I read a preview where they were running old 16-bit DOS games under
> XP.  It's not like 98.  It's still the full NT kernel.  The DOS stuff is
> running through some kind of protected-memory emulation layer, whereas NT
> and 2000 just fail to run the 16-bit code at all.
> I know it's a leap, but I do wish emulation authors scuttle DOS and go for
> Win32/DirectX.  The rest of the game industry has.  It's about time to
> ahead.  Yeah, this coming from an Atari 2600 fan, a machine that doesn't
> even have an OS ROM...

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