Rollcall, was Re: [stella] Cartridge box...

Subject: Rollcall, was Re: [stella] Cartridge box...
From: Jake Patterson <jpatters@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 01:10:09 -0400 (EDT)
Howdy, I've been lurking on this list for a few years, never quite gotten
up the motivation to follow through on any of my project ideas, but I
think that may change fairly shortly.

I'm looking to do something heavily influanced by Joust, but with a few
additional twists.  I have long thought it would be really cool if the
enimies would "evolve" in a more "Darwinian" way, perhaps they could have
a few simple traits, or "genes" that would either be reinforced or
depreciated based on performance against the human player.  I am not quite
sure how feasable that would be on the 2600, I imagine there would have to
be very few genes involved in order to fit in the available RAM.

I would also like to impliment a more varied arrangement of platforms and
such, this would make for an occasional respit for the human player while
the enimies would have to re-adapt to the new environment.

This may end up more of a 7800 kinda project, but we'll see.

Other ideas kicking around in my head:

A good managerial Baseball sim, also probably destined for the 7800 rather
then the 2600, but may be feasable with Supercharger RAM.  Players would
probably have to have pretty short names, but then again I wouldn't be
able to use the real ones anyway.  This would have lots of text and may be
a good application for the closed caption idea.

A multigame quest kinda thing based on that music video that was kicking
around the web and I'm sure you all have seen, the one with all of the
2600 style graphics and the "Matrix" style thing in the middle.  The
player would be the male character who has to get from his lousy apartment
all the way to the concert, which is apparantly on another planet, so he
can meet his lady friend.  Oh man I have watched that thing so many times.
That would have to be a Supercharger multiload kinda thing.

My development platform will be my Powerbook, what is the best assembler
to use?  I intend to use the audio out to a Supercharger for testing on
actual hardware.  Is there a makewave program for the Mac?  Thanks in
advance for any help that you all can provide...

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