[stella] Roll call - my project

Subject: [stella] Roll call - my project
From: Mauricio Tadeu Alegretti <malegretti@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 08:58:02 -0300 (ART)
> I haven't seen you post here before.   Maybe we should go around the list 
> to get a roll call of current projects??

Well, I am starting two projects, working together with my great friend Edu
Luccas, who is also here on the list:

The first is a "bomberman" clone for the 2600; I am trying to use a pacman-like
kernel, I think that the two games share a lot of design implementations; the
main problem is that we want to have a two-player head-to-head mode.

The second is a hardware project that we are on the planning stage, as soon as
we come to a beta design we post it here for you to know... ;-)

See ya!

Mauricio Tadeu Alegretti

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