Re: [stella] Death Derby

Subject: Re: [stella] Death Derby
From: "Thomas Jentzsch" <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 15:01:46 +0200
Glenn Saunders wrote:
> But really, I'm just trying to focus on designing the game so that it is fun 
> based on the play-pattern, not the cheap thrill of running down pedestrians. 

I guess that cheap thrill was the main reason why they designed the game that way, but i'm sure that's not the reason why you choose to make a remake now.

And I think, it's just, that I dislike that original Death Race intention, and I don't want to see that anybody is giving this "game" any attention.

>   You should be able to forget what those guys are supposed to be and get 
> into the zone like any good classic game.  

I hope so, too :) (You have changed the title already, why not change the word "pedestrian" into something more harmless?)

> I like the idea of variations on 
> driving games where the goal isn't just to win a race.  It's something that 
> hasn't been done a heck of a lot on the 2600, not to mention games that 
> feature the driving controllers (I think Stellasketch is the only other game 
> than Indy500 that uses them).  So that all contributes to the motivation for 
> this game.

I like your motivation much more than the original Exidy one.

> Death Race's original play pattern was pretty limited.  I was never much of 
> a fan of timed games, so I don't see myself sticking to a faithful port in 
> the end.
> I've thought of lots of ways to make the game deeper.
> For instance, if it were wave-based, I could have pairs of waves, one where 
> you kill X pedestrians, and then a zombie wave where each of the tombstones 
> (two at a time) revert back to zombies which chases down the nearest car.  I 
> really like the symmetry of that.  Or I could have pedestrians occasionally 
> drop a mine.  I've also thought about ways to treat the pedestrians as 
> belonging to a player, where you try to protect them so that they can get to 
> the other end, while preventing the pedestrian linked to the other player 
> from reaching your end.  So at any one time you have to make quick decisions 
> about whether to be defensive or offensive.  I don't know what the "story" 
> behind that would be, but that would give the game more of a complex goal 
> (like Oystron where you are gathering and protecting pearls while attacking 
> the enemy).

I like those ideas very much! That way the game becomes much more interesting and original. 
(and it leads your "remake" away from that bad original game intention :)

Have fun!
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