Re: [stella] compiler?

Subject: Re: [stella] compiler?
From: "nj bloodline" <njbl00dline@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 19:32:11 -0400
If have nothing against learning ASM. I am trying to get a few books on the
subject, and I have read the playfield demo, but even some of the stuff in
there I didn't understand.

Usually, I can make a text adventure in BASIC or I can take others simple
things and hack them for my own use, but I won't know how to do them myself
if I ever wanted to. Like I'd take a piece of code from someone else to load
a graphic into my BASIC program, but never know enough to do it myself.

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Subject: Re: [stella] compiler?

> On Fri, 27 Jul 2001, nj bloodline wrote:
> > I don't mind.. I'd just like to see anything I design end up on a 2600
> > screen.
> >
> Speaking for myself only, I'm in it to learn asm.  But I certainly don't
> begrudge anyone else's efforts for other language possibilities.  It would
> definately be a monumental achievment to create any sort of compiler or
> construction kit that could make a playable 2600 game, and it would
> require a thorough understanding of asm to pull off, so no need pay
> attention to the poopooing of purists like me :-)
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