Re: [stella] compiler?

Subject: Re: [stella] compiler?
From: "Roger Williams" <localroger@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 17:36:14 -0500
What I had in mind was
something that would just let you do console
text-based stuff a la old DOS text-based programs, or
that 2600 game 'Dark Mage'.

I am currently trying to do playfield graphic text (10 char x 6 line 3x5) and it is a much bigger PITA than at first it sounds.

I already have a simple C-esque scripting language I
wrote with some other guy for a class in college,
which I was thinking might be a starting point.

There are some forgotten languages from the 2600's own era that might be more appropriate than C. I'm thinking especially of Forth, or a compiled integer Tiny BASIC. C would be dreadful, what with all that passing of parameters on the stack, and the same is true of most other languages with 'modern' features.


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