[stella] baubles.bin v0.001, was Re: Stella Photoshop color palette andquestion

Subject: [stella] baubles.bin v0.001, was Re: Stella Photoshop color palette andquestion
From: Jake Patterson <jpatters@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 02:53:57 -0400 (EDT)
On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Eckhard Stolberg wrote:

> On a real VCS there are only 8 luminance levels. The lowest
> bit isn't used. Therfore $0E and $0F should be the same kind
> of white. If you are seeing more than that, then it must be
> a bug in the emulator.
> The colours in Stella seem to be idealized a bit, so they
> probably aren't oo close to what you would see on a real
> And if we are talking about my program here, then you can just
> press the joystick button and see all 128 possible colours
> on the screen.

Yep, I think I get it now :-)

Anyway, here is a screenshot of colors.bin running on Mac Stella, notice
the fifteen shades of gray on the left...

Not that it really matters.  I will be restricting myself to just the
correct colors from now on, or at least the defined color *values* since
neither the emulators nor NTSC are to be trusted.  I updated my Photoshop
palette files to only have the even numbered colors.  Would anyone be
interested in those files?

Also attached you will find my latest bin, which is my first realization
of interactivity on the 2600... a rather trivial milestone, but a
milestone none the less.  you can press game select to make the text
at the bottom change.  Zowie.  (not tested on actual hardware)

Anyway, I was inspired by playing around with the "How to Draw a
Playfield" demo.  I made it draw my name, good and large, without the
lines in between, and I got to thinking:  what if there were little gems,
or baubles clinging to the moving text, and you had to manuver your
player to collect the baubles, while avoiding collision with the moving
text.  I hope to be able to impliment that with at least 32 different
four letter words as rounds.  It will be a mirrored playfield.  I would
really like to make it have an option to control the player with two
paddles, one for the x coordinate and one for the y.  Of course it would
have a joystick option for more convenient play on emulators, and it
would have a two player simultaneous mode which would be stick only.  I'm
hoping the paddle thing will be possible since the play area plus the
single player score area will only take up 164 scanlines.  Does anybody
think it will be possible to read two paddles in the blanked out

I will post source and a vastly more functional version of this sometime
in the next couple of days.

       |@ ]@[ @|
       |@ ]@[ @|           /@@@@@\ |@@@@@@@@@| /@@@@@\   +@@@@@@@@K  |@@@|
       J@ ]@[ @K          ;@@@^@@@;|@@@@@@@@@|;@@@^@@@;  |@@@| \@@@L |@@@|
      .@| ]@[ |@.         J@@' `@@K   |@@@|   J@@' `@@K  |@@@| /@@@K |@@@|
      J@' ]@[ `@K        ;@@@@@@@@@;  |@@@|  ;@@@@@@@@@; |@@@@@@@@L  |@@@|
     J@F  ]@[  `@K       J@@@@@@@@@K  |@@@|  J@@@@@@@@@K |@@@|\@@@\  |@@@|
   J@@'   ]@[   `@@K    ;@@@@   @@@@; |@@@| ;@@@@   @@@@;|@@@| `@@@L |@@@|
 J@@P     ]@[     9@@K  J@@@V   ?@@@K |@@@| J@@@V   ?@@@K|@@@|   \@@@|@@@|
@@P       ]@[       9@@K

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