Re: [stella] compiler?

Subject: Re: [stella] compiler?
From: "Glenn Saunders" <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2001 18:52:12 -0700
Actually I'm not sure how it could be done with a
pre-existing C compiler.  I mean, the compiler itself

It's really just a wizard that generates a basic in-game state with movable players, playfield, and static enemies that you can then drive through the rest of VBLANK.

You'd have a series of questions or flags.

-Number of simultaneous players (1-4) (3 and 4 only available if it's a paddle game)
-Desired height (single or double scanline)
-Movement type (for controller config and animation):
Walk cycle (# of frames)
LRTF (ala asteroids) (# of degs rotations defaults to 16)
Maze (4 directions)
Auto (paddle and driving controllers only)
-Fire Missiles (yes/no)

-Number of simultaneous enemies (1-4)
-Desired height (single or double scanline)
-Shoot? (yes/no)
Movement type
-4 directional maze
-8 directional (free)
-1 directional X (slotted and reused)
-1 directional Y

Playfield type
-Playfield Bitmap
--Vertical resolution
--Use these registers (PF0) (PF1) (PF2) (PF0b) (PF1b) (PF2b)

Score type
location (top, bottom)
height (single/double)
digits (1-6) (playfield available only up to 4 digits interlaced ala Space Invaders)
preference (playfield vs. sprites)

Even something with more limited options than this would be really useful as a starting point.

The wizard would be smart enough to switch to different formats if it can't do the basic one, like it would start out trying to fit it into 4K/128 bytes, then move up to larger cart sizes and superchip/supercharger RAM if necessary.

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