RE: [stella] Tentative plans for 2nd Edition Stella Guide

Subject: RE: [stella] Tentative plans for 2nd Edition Stella Guide
From: "B. Watson" <atari@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 12:23:20 -0400 (EDT)
On Mon, 20 Sep 1993, [iso-8859-1] Nicolás Olhaberry wrote:

> Hi to all!
>     I can´t connect to the host (I´m in Uruguay, South
> America, by the way). Does anybody else has the same problem?

ergh. That's because it's dead this morning... long story, but you can
get there via the url:

for now... my #@^#%^ cable ISP recently decided to block incoming connections
to port 80, so I had a friend running a TCP port redirector on one of his
IP addresses at work... port 80 on his IP to port 81 on mine. His boss found
out, and killed it... resolves to his IP, and just plain minus the www. points to my IP, which can't accept port 80
connections.. so you have to specify the :81 to tell your browser to use
port 81...

If cable companies weren't regional monopolies, I'd switch to a different

I should be able to find a place to hang a port 80 redirector by the end of
the day today.



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