Re: [stella] More complicated differences between 6502 and 6507?

Subject: Re: [stella] More complicated differences between 6502 and 6507?
From: Eduardo Luccas <elucas@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 12:55:26 -0300

Hello guys!

I have a question concerning (possible) internal differences between the
6502 and the 6507. I am currently working on my "Super VCS" Project, that
and the 6507. Theoretically, there shouldn´t. I´m using a original MOS6502
CPU from a 1541 Floppy. HAs anyone information about this?

Hi !!!

Well, about this, one short history:

In 80's one Brazilian company, Dynacom, release here one 2600 clone, the Dynavision. This console have some modifications like a completely different design, internal power source, silence TV-noise when change carts etc. But one of the "innovations" that was very much used in Dynavison's marketing was the fact of the Dynavision use the 6502, not the 6507.

In fact, I open my console and see, it realy use the 6502 processor.
In solder side of PCB have a set of jumpers to "adjust" for use both, 6502 and 6507 (essencialy this jumpers are for pinout compatibility).

The "extra-features" promised by Dynacom they never happened.
The only add-on released is a Basic Keyboard, but it can be used in any Atari 2600-compatible.

BTW, Dynavision runs all the 2600 games with no problems.
No one never complained that a game no work.

I hope this information helps.

Eduardo Luccas
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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