Re: [stella] Paint tool for screen mock-ups?

Subject: Re: [stella] Paint tool for screen mock-ups?
From: Erik Mooney <erik@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 10:18:12 -0400
10/18/2001 4:09:48 AM, Len Charest <len@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi, all.

Hi, Len!

>I have a few ideas for homebrew games and I'd like to do some screen 
>mock-ups before I start coding. Are there any Paint-type tools that can 
>be customized to force a grid of 192 x 160 (player resolution) or 40 x 
>192 (playfield resolution)? I realize I can use any old bitmap graphics 
>program to draw a screen, but I'm looking for something that will 
>enforce the resolution of the 2600 so my mock-ups are as accurate as 

Well, plain old Microsoft Paint can be set to that canvas size, and then you
can zoom in.

The problem is getting the right aspect ratio in a paint program.  The 2600's
160 x 192 is actually at an aspect ratio of 5:8 horz:vert (an object 8 pixels
high and 5 pixels wide will be visually square), and the 40 x 192 is 5:32.
I don't know offhand of any paint programs that would properly use and let
you work within that aspect ratio.  Paint Shop Pro here doesn't.  If nobody
else knows of one, maybe you can play with the sizing controls on your
monitor to fake it?

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