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Subject: Aw: Re: Aw: Re: [stella] Player data loading...semi newbie
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 10:42:46 +0200 (CEST)
Hi Glenn!

> >since the skipdraw branch
> >is way faster than the drawing branch. In fact you'll
> >probably even have to add NOPs or .Ws in there, to match the
> >running times of both branches.
> A problem I see is if you clear out GRPx within Skipdraw that you can't have
> the successful branch that stores graphics to GRP0 just naturally run 
> through Skipdraw as it does in Thomas' example because the data that gets 
> written to it will then get wiped out.  So you have to add a JMP right after
> the data gets written to GRPx that skips over SkipDraw.  This adds cycles to
> the LONG branch of the routine.
> Depending on the timing of the kernel that may be make or break.

Here's an example straight out of gunfight:

The famous skipdraw branch:

SEC             ; Same carry state after both branches
NOP             ; Wasting...
LDA #$00        ; load for GRP0
STA.w COLUP0    ; Special trick, blacks the bullets
BEQ Continue    ; Return...

The kernel:

TXA                    ; A-> Current scannline
SBC verPosP0           ;
ADC #$0B               ; calc if sprite is drawn
BCC SkipDraw           ; To skip or not to skip?
TAY                    ; not necessary when Y holds scannline
LDA (colorShapePtr00),Y;
STA COLUP0             ; Select cowboy color
LDA playerShape00,Y    ; Select Cowboy shape

CPX verPosM1           ; Do missiles
PHP                    ;
CPX verPosM0           ;
PHP                    ;
STA GRP0               ; Execute Write here!

So, you see that no matter which branch is taken,
I'm exactly on the same cycle when hitting
'Continue' - and I'm executing STA GRP0 only once,
with either the cowboy shape or '00'.

Hope all of this makes sense now...


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