Aw: [stella] Polar to Cartesian Co-Ordinate Converter

Subject: Aw: [stella] Polar to Cartesian Co-Ordinate Converter
From: cybergoth@xxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 11:16:09 +0200 (CEST)
Hi Roger!

> This is the proof of concept demo for my polar to cartesian
> co-ordinate converter, which does the operation in 93 to
> 114 machine cycles.  The converter can reliably be called
> upon to miss exactly one WSYNC if used during the screen
> draw, if it is called before cycle 30 of a scanline.  Even
> so it is not as highly optimized as some Stella code and 
> I'm sure it can be improved even more.  But it is very 
> usable as presented here.

It's totally awesome!

Wouldn't you like to team-up and do all the 3D-Math stuff 
for my Star Fire project next year?
(I'll probably have to take your code as a base anyway :-))

> The concept is proven in BASIC but converting 
> it to 6502 .asm is always fun... 

Hehe, in order to do Star Fire I started out doing QBASIC
recently too. My intention was turning Steven Judds
QBASIC version of his 'Polygamy' project into a
3D system that that calculates circles 
(Middle X/Y + Radius) only. I'd use that as 
'Position + Size' for the Star Fire ships then.

I just didn't have the time to dig to deep 
into that yet. 
Seems like you're way ahead currently!

Cool stuff. I'll have a printout of your source as
my weekend lecture, so I might comment on that
next week.


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