Re: [stella] Polar to Cartesian Co-Ordinate Converter

Subject: Re: [stella] Polar to Cartesian Co-Ordinate Converter
From: "Glenn Saunders" <cybpunks@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 15:02:54 -0700

I was planning to do a 3-D demo.  The next step will be the
Cartesian to Polar converter, then an overhead view 2D
persistent landscape with full rotation (think overhead view
of Battlezone), then a 3-D first person maneuvering demo.

The trick with the overhead thing is determining which frame of rotation to use, and how to handle the rotating playfield.

I thought it would be cool to do a driving game where the car remained fixed but the track scrolled _and_ rotated (unlike a River Raid/Spy Hunter deal where the sprite just slides back and forth and you are railed in by the width of the screen) but I don't think that could be done on the 2600, at least not without major flicker.

I think it might be possible to do an X/Y scrolling driving game where your car _can_ rotate, though, albeit with crude X movement and simplified tracks. Isn't the old arcade game Super Bug done like that? It might be possible to do an APB sort of game that way. Probably it would require a Supercharger or 16K+Superchip.

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