Intro (was: Re: [stella] List guidelines)

Subject: Intro (was: Re: [stella] List guidelines)
From: O_Scholz@xxxxxxxxxxx (Oliver Scholz)
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2001 20:21:44 +0100
Hi list,

> Noncoders are, of course, welcome.  They are really helpful in play and bug

Well, as a "not-yet-coder", I've been lurking for a few weeks now, and I'd
like to introduce myself and share a few thoughts. Hope this isn't too off-topic.

I didn't post all that much apart from a question to modify my 7800 to
accept a Supercharger/Cuttle Cart so far. Can't wait for it to arrive!

I find the information on this list very valuable. I've first learned 6502 asm
in 1980 or so, when I wanted to program games for the Atari home computers.
I've written a few games in assembly, but haven't done 6502 in over ten years.
Back then (1987) I started University and majored in CS (is that correct grammar?

Dunno, I'm not a native speaker, so forgive me if anything doesn't make sense).

To relearn, I've built a cart dumper (most cart dumps out there seem to be NTSC),

and dumped Missile Command (one of my favourites on the VCS), then
disassembled and commented it (about 75% done). I then tried to patch it for
the Trackball, but the kernel is pretty much exhausted, and the few areas where
there is space to insert something, are insufficient for smooth motion.
It worked though, and was a good exercise, and I learned a lot that way.
But programming a Flash for every patch became too tedious, so I finally
bit the bullet and ordered the excellent Cuttle Cart. Again, can't wait...

Now, I'm looking for a nice game idea to convert to Stella or Maria (Maria is
tempting, because it's more powerful, but Stella is more challenging...)
For some reason I keep thinking of Lady Bug, which was never released for
any Atari platform to my knowledge. Or is there some release I'm not aware of?

I've gathered a few 7800's to burn if I make a mistake as well as a 2600 for
compatibility testing, and a 5200 to have one of each (this one is NTSC).
Very hard to find a NTSC VCS in Europe though.
But I'll surely ask the list for Beta testing once the time has come...

Til then, thanks for the interesting posts, and thanks for reading this far.

Best regards,


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