Re: [stella] P2C+Cartesian to Polar = ASSAULT

Subject: Re: [stella] P2C+Cartesian to Polar = ASSAULT
From: "Roger Williams" <mer02@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 09:14:14 -0800
> If you can somehow generate a playfield grid using missiles and add in
> intelligent flicker, you could probably do an ASSAULT like game on the

I'm thinking of a flyover game, more like the Jets in Combat than
the tank.  Constant motion enhances the illusion.  You can't put
a lot of stuff on the screen this way but I think I can put enough
stuff on the screen to create the illusion of a fixed landscape.

> Of course, you also have to tackle the rotation of the other player, which
> is going to be really tricky with only 8 bits to work with.  But if all
> objects are quickly-rotating round saucer types, then you can get away
> not having to do the rotation calculation.

Rotating the other player is actually trivial.  Once you have a way
to rotate the sprite at all, you just subtract your orientation from his
before orienting the sprite.  That's the beauty of the co-ordinate
conversion, it magically solves a lot of seemingly intractable problems.

The next build will use 10-bit angles and rotate the other player.
Then, if that's satisfactory, I have some ideas for putting more
stuff on the screen.  The usual techniques can't be used since the
rotation ruins any assumptions you might want to make about the
horizontal positioning.

--Roger Williams

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