Re: [stella] Line Labels/Memory Location...

Subject: Re: [stella] Line Labels/Memory Location...
From: Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 23:00:14 +0100
Joel Park wrote:
>Just an example of how it's setup:
>.byte $04, $FF, $01, $03 ;Yellow Dragon
>.byte $0F, $FF, $01, $03 ;Red Dragon
>$04 = Color
>$FF = High Byte of Memory Location (Graphics)
>$01 = Low Byte of Memory Location (Graphics)
>$03 = Which Animation Frame to Use.
>In this case,  $FF, $01 would have to be repaced with a  Line 
>Is there some way to use line tags when just initilizing a 

If I understand it correct, you mean "labels" (see DASM.doc).

Then it's very simple:

	.byte $04, >Dragon, <Dragon, $03
	.byte $0f, >Dragon, <Dragon, $03

;">" means high-byte of (address-)word
;"<" means low-byte of (address-)word
;see DASM.doc ;-)

; graphics data starts here

And you should replace $04 and $0f (BTW: Do you know why bit 0 
is set here? As it's not needed for the color, maybe it's used 
for something special.) the with color constants and maybe $03 
with a frame constant

>I don't want to keep wasting you guy's time with this. I'm

Don't worry :-)

Have fun!

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