Re: [stella] Line Labels/Memory Location...

Subject: Re: [stella] Line Labels/Memory Location...
From: "Joel Park" <joelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 11:52:12 -0500
It's not actually my own source.
Here's my situation:

I have a decompiled version of Adventure which will compile in DASM, unlike
the original Decompilation I found on the internet somewhere.   What I would
like to do is eliminate extra code (black and white switch code and stuff)
and free up space for more Graphics storage...

The thing is, adventure is designed in more of a game engine format, so it
draws it's graphics in a loop of sorts, pulling the graphics locations out
of a table which just stored the High and Low bytes of the graphic location.
At the end of each set of graphic bytes is a Null terminator thing, $00
which signals the last byte in the graphic definition.   Therefore the
graphics are actually accessed by their start location in memory without the
ability to use Line Tags.    I hope that made sense.. :-)  It allows for the
program to draw all the graphics with the same block of code by simply
walking through a table of values.

What I would like to do is eliminate all the wasted code space and move it
all to the bottom of my application, it should easilly allow me enough room
to add a large boss image or something.   And hopefully some additional maze

Thank you for your time.
Joel D. Park

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Subject: Re: [stella] Line Labels/Memory Location...

> Hi Joel!
> >This seems like it might be a fairly easy application
> to write and it would
> >help find where graphics start and end in an
> application.    Does anything
> >like this allready exist??
> Uhm... I'm not sure what you want that for. The idea
> behind using lables is that you _don't_ need to know
> where the graphics are located. Besides, why would you
> need to locate them in your own source?
> Ok, after stating that you don't need to know where your
> graphics are - With DASM you can find where they're
> located anyway: Just compile with -ltext.txt, then you
> can check the locations in the generated 'text.txt'
> file.
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