[stella] Re: Gunfight Release Candidate(s)

Subject: [stella] Re: Gunfight Release Candidate(s)
From: "Andrew Wallace" <apeboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 10:19:47 GMT
Manuel Polik writes:

Hi there!

I think I'm done with my first game. Thanks for all the feedback for the last version.

Hi Manuel,

It works well here on my PAL machine, it's good to see a fun game get completed.

The tempo difference in the music is quite noticeable if you run the NTSC version and then the PAL version, but the game seems equally playable in either version. Maybe you should also create a 262 line PAL colours version.

A note about z26: the PAL colours are way off compared to a real PAL setup.
The colours in z26 are too pale and washed out.
When running on the real thing the colours are just as vibrant as the NTSC colours.

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