[stella] Gunfight Release Candidate(s)

Subject: [stella] Gunfight Release Candidate(s)
From: Manuel Polik <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 00:54:21 +0100
Hi there!

I think I'm done with my first game. Thanks for all the 
feedback for the last version.

I've decided to keep the gunfight name. Anyone comparing 
the original arcade with my version will see that in 
fact I created a whole new game around the theme, with 
unique gameplay and artwork. It's living up to the 
Brand, but not actually stealing anything from the 
original, except that the basic idea was derived from 

Here's the changes list:

- Created a PAL version. Thanks to Glenns HTML 
Colorchart that task was way easier than I thought! I 
hope it works on a real PAL TV/VCS. Can someone test 
this for me please?

- Reduced the winning score in the target mode from 77
to 42 and removed some bugs here.

- Added two bonus (score) icons when one game is over.

- Slightly improved/bugfixed the AI. It no longer sits 
around on the edges of the screen most of the time.

- In the 'Sheriff' mode (accessed via left difficulty 
switch) you not only get faster bullets, but a more 
agile and even firing on a higher frequency AI too.

- The AI is now trying to get its munbox. It is very 
smart here and not just going straightforward to grab 

- More minor stuff which I've either forgotten or is too 
minor to mention

Again I'd like to ask you to playtest these two bins, 
preferably on the real thing.

I'll wait some time until I post the BINs to Hozer Video 
and make a deal with them, that is until I'm certain 
that there's no more bugs in the game and that both the 
PAL and NTSC BINs work fine on real consoles. 

The more positive confirmations I get, the faster it is 
available on cartridge :-)
(I really don't want to rip anyone off with a nonworking 
cartridges or buggy stuff...)

All I'm gonna do now is fixing any remaining bugs and 
writing the manual.

Again thanks to all of you for your support so far 
during the whole year!


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